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Military Records

Registered User's comments About our Military Database :

From my very early days, I used to hear that my great grand pa was one of the proud soldiers of the Great War of Independence. I tried every source to find the details of his achievements, records of any sorts with no avail. Someone told me to start searching online. After a few futile attempts, I found out this great site. This site has an enormous amount of records in its database with extensive area coverage. They have all the records from Great War of Independence to modern days Iraq conflicts. At last, I can now vouch for my great grand pa's involvement on our Independence & shall bear that legacy for more years to come.


For long enough, I have been searching for a few friends of mine- who were with me in the last Vietnam War. We fought the battle together & I lost all contact with them when I was fatally wounded and took shelter in military hospital, before the Red Cross thought to send me back home. After the trauma & recovery, I tried to search for lost friends through local vital records department. A devastating fire burnt down every record & like many other I too have to solace myself that everything is lost. Then someone from my club told me about this site. OwaO...what a hit!!! As if I shoot on the bull's eye...what a huge database they have! I can now search & find about my war veterans, the people with whom I fought & live side by side. Thank you, the service provider. Military Records Search is now a easy target to hit.

Retd. Col. John Smith

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